The AIP set of recorded indoor and outdoor audio scenes

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Day / Time: 20.03.2018, 15:25-16:40
Room: Interim 1
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Abstract: A 36-channel circular microphone array in a cylindrical baffle was constructed to make multi-channel recordings of different acoustic environments. The array has a radius of 15.75 cm and employs 36 low-noise measurement microphones. Recording is accomplished with the PAK measurement system, which can run on battery power. Thus, the entire measurement set-up is mobile, and can be used to record outdoor environments and other locations where electrical connections are difficult to come by. The array is designed to use circular harmonic decomposition for higher-order ambisonic playback of the recorded scenes over a horizontal loudspeaker array, up to 17th order of circular harmonics.Recordings have been made in several locations throughout Munich, including musicians in a seminar room, an outdoor terrace, and a large, reverberant stairwell; an underground train station; a restaurant; several street locations; and several locations within a large, urban park. These recordings and the accompanying calibration files and documentation are available online at, both in the original 36-channel format recorded directly by the microphones in the array, and decomposed into circular harmonic components up to 17th order, using the Tikhonov regularization process.