Extraction of High Contributing Vibration Mode to Vehicle Interior Road Noise Using Operational TPA and CAE Combination Analysis

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Day / Time: 20.03.2018, 15:40-16:00
Room: MW 0001
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Abstract: In this study, we developed a method which enables us to extract important CAE vibration modes from a lot of modes which gives large influence to the vehicle interior road noise at the actual running condition. Firstly, we carried out operational test using a simple body panel vehicle model and four exciters for imitating the vehicle running on a rough surface road. We measured vibration acceleration signals at multiple points of the body panel for carring out operational TPA (OTPA). Subsequently, high contributing principal component mode of the target vehicle panel to the interior noise at the operational condition was analyzed by applying modified OTPA method. After then, a few high contributing and very important CAE vibration modes were extracted from a lot of simulated CAE vibration modes by evaluating the mode shape similarity between the high contributing principal component mode and the CAE vibration mode. In addition, the interior noise level could be decreased very well by applying an intensive countermeasure to the high contributing vibration mode using CAE response analysis.