Real-time FPGA-based Platform for Psychoacoustic Evaluation of ANC Headphones Control Algorithms and their Parameters

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Day / Time: 20.03.2018, 15:40-16:00
Room: MW 1450
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Abstract: Active noise control headphones provide the user with the passive and active attenuation of the noise pollution present in his or her environment. Different control algorithms can be used for active noise control, although all of them have different advantages, disadvantages, and control parameters. To choose one control algorithm and generate an adequate parameter constellation that satisfies the majority of the end users, engineers have to go through several iterations of design, prototyping, and evaluation. To alleviate and accelerate these tasks, a digital signal processing platform is proposed, which enables to switch between control algorithms and to tune in real-time their parameters. This is achieved through the implementation of the control algorithms on a low-latency FPGA-based platform. The control logic variables and algorithms’ parameters are made available to a processor by means of shared registers. The processor works as mediator between the FPGA and an external computer, which renders a graphical user interface. This interface is used to choose between the different control algorithms and to change their parameters. Together with this, the platform is equipped with a dummy-head, which is used to provide the engineer with on-line psychoacoustic metrics for objective evaluation and documentation purposes.