Application of the Integral Transform Method for the Computation and Assessment of the Sound Radiation of Plate-Like Structures

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 19.03.2018, 15:00-15:25
Room: MW 0350
Typ: Vorkolloquium
Abstract: In this contribution the assessment of the radiated power of plate-like structures as a postprocessing of numerical computations or measurements is carried out on the basis of Integral Transformation Methods. Starting from the velocity field at the vibrating surface the radiated sound power is computed for free-field conditions by Fourier transformation into the wavenumber and frequency domain. This wavenumber domain method is derived from Heckl’s approach and proved to be more efficient than classical methods using the Rayleigh Integral or Boundary Element Method. Compared to original domain approaches, like Hashimoto’s Direct Calculation Method, it provides a valuable insight into the vibro-acoustic characteristics of the investigated system. In order to achieve results of high accuracy and robustness especially at low frequencies, the implementation of the method is explained focusing on the minimization of numerical errors. The method is validated via measurements carried out at an aluminum plate and a timber floor with suspended ceiling.