Effect of Flight Schedule and Fleet Mix on the Ground Noise around Airports based on a Multi-Level, Multi-Fidelity Approach

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Day / Time: 21.03.2018, 11:20-11:40
Room: MW 0250
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Abstract: One of the central objectives within the strategic paper Flightpath 2050 is to reduce the aircraft ground noise. A recently published approach [1] introduces a three-level system in order to assess and predict the effect of low-noise vehicles along their individual flight onto the overall ground noise around an airport. Three aircraft types, the reference aircraft (V-R), the modified reference aircraft (retrofit) and the modified low noise configuration (gamechanger) have been transferred into the airport scenario. The initial assessment was limited to a fixed airport scenario, as described in Ref. [1]. Each scenario includes multiple aircraft, the runway system, individual flight paths and flight routes over ground (departure and approach). A given Swiss Aircraft Noise Calculation Test Environment (SANC-TE) is used and the aircraft type A320 is substituted by V-R and low-noise aircraft concepts “retrofit” and “gamechanger”. This contribution will now apply modifications to the basic scenario, i.e., adapting the number of flights, the ground routing, and the flight procedures. Multiple scenarios are defined and assessed in detail. The total sound exposure level in different scenarios of the three aircraft types will be given and compared. [1] Aircraft Noise Assessment—From Single Components to Large Scenarios, Energies, 11(2), 2018.