Adaptation of singers to room acoustical conditions

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Day / Time: 21.03.2018, 15:40-16:00
Room: MW 1801
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Abstract: This research project currently running at the TU-Berlin aims to investigate the capacity of adaptation of trained singers to the acoustics of various rooms. The methodology is based on the level of correlation between room acoustical parameters and musical characteristics. The singers with the same short musical program in each room, are recorded by means of a near-field microphone, and the motion of their vocal folds is captured by means of electroglottography measurements. In addition, room acoustical measurements are performed using a dodecahedral sound source, omnidirectional microphones and a dummy head. Another set of measurements consists in placing the dummy head together with a directional loudspeaker on a rotative plate in order to measure impulse responses from different orientations, on stage. The second phase of the project is the replication of the first experiment in virtual conditions. Interactive auralization is perform, i.e. the singers could hear their own voice in the virtual room while singing. In addition, simulated room impulse responses are calculated, according to the position and orientation of the dummy head and the loudspeaker. Hence, the virtual environments generated using measured and simulated impulse responses are presented to the singers in order to study their potential discrepancies.